Why HPC?

Horizon Pregnancy Clinic is playing a vital role in coming to the aid of women facing a crisis pregnancy. To continue being a positive impact on the community, HPC needs your support to continue this vital fight.

Up to 78% of women who see an ultrasound of their baby, choose not to have an abortion” (Adam Cohen “The Next Abortion Battleground: Fetal Heartbeats” Time Ideas October 17, 2011).

HPC provides ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, options counseling, adoption referrals and support, prenatal and parenting classes, and even post-abortion counseling. All these services are 100% complementary because of you!

HPC wants to be on the front lines, and with this heart we went mobile with our new Mobile Van we affectionately named “Courage”! We can actually reach up to 400% MORE women this way! “Courage” is our chance to reach reach right where they are at. We can park a mobile almost anywhere, and anywhere can also mean right in front of an abortion clinic. The Mercedes mobile van is a state of the art traveling pregnancy clinic! It provides a beautiful plush environment with state of the art equipment. From the viewing screen, the actual ultrasound equipment, to even a beautiful restroom, we can welcome those who are too scared to go to a clinic, or perhaps don’t have the transportation to go to a clinic. Please join arms with HPC to supply and staff this amazing mobile facility! HPC is making a huge impact on the Huntington Beach areas. Together we can make a difference!

HPC Mobile Ultrasound Van